Write an essay on one or two of the given choices now always decide on a subject that you have good command-and-control on or you feel strongly about for example you may have a stronger opinion on let’s say traffic condition of your city rather than the state of the United Nations yeah or the role of the United Nations in promoting world peace you will be more equipped to tackle competently what you are comfortable with style is another thing always be careful about your style it is important that you use the right kind of tone please be very clear about the tone you employ your tone has to be in accordance with the general nature of the essay for instance if your topic is violence in contemporary society don’t approach the si in a light-hearted tone it’s a serious issue role of women in society these are serious issues we don’t banter about these things we don’t crack jokes about these things.

So please remember that there are plenty of opportunities for us to be light-hearted about but not when you approach an academic and a serious essay you have to adopt a very formal tone a serious tone then you are approaching a serious topic and finally be careful about employing a personal point of view the use of you know constantly saying I believe I think or in my opinion in my view it should be avoided if si is of objective and scientific nature you have to be more detached more impersonal coming to the important elements in an essay you always begin with an introduction when you go to introduction remember that you have to explain why the general topic of the essay is relevant and then you put the essay in context of it your thesis sentence should include your introduction of course an introduction should end with a specific thesis statement this could be the major argument of your essay so introduction where you explain why the general topic of your essay is relevant you put the s in context.

And then introduction should end with a specific thesis statement this is the main argument after establishing the context you move on to the next paragraph si si writing is all about mastering paragraphing as well you cannot have one single block running into five pages or two pages or even one page there has to be necessarily break up in paragraphing so next paragraph should be the so called body after introduction there is body of paragraphs you can have depending on the length of your essay so assuming it’s a 300 or 500 then four to five paragraphs in body should be sufficient it could be more but five four to five maximum six could be sufficient or should be self sufficient these paragraphs contain argument evidence supporting statements and topics that aid and help the thesis in a thesis statement in standing now you know what is a topic sentence.