Debatable Essay Topics

I was looking at something oh I think it there was an article somewhere when I was browsing around here that was just talking about whether or not the long shifts that are typical of nursing and nurses and doctors are helpful or harmful to patients so that might be a debate and I’ve had a lot of students in the Health Sciences come up with some great topics really specific ones about whether or not ob/gyn doctors are recommending too many c-sections or whether you know doctors are delivering premature babies and neonatal too early I don’t it just I mean they’ve really gotten involved with them and I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the health sciences and nursing in particular because of all our nursing or pre-nursing students so it’s great to see students who take an interest in something. Learn how to present a debatable topic in your essay at Robotdon.

And then they research it and I learn along with them as they’re researching so you know finding a trade magazine or a website that deals with your particular major as you’re going through is good too it’s a good way pro/con is a good website to scout around on so pro con org if you click on that that’s got all these different controversial issues that you can click on and the wonderful thing about this I think is is that it really breaks it down in an easy-to-understand way so like let’s click on minimum wage should the minimum wage be increased so it gives you a research question and then it even gives you kind of a brief summary of what the major reasons for and against or yes and no to the question are and it really helps to give you like a quick synopsis that you can say wow if I mentor reading about this topic based on this webpage that I’m probably going to be able to use this from my topic but if you get bored just reading half this page then this is probably not the topic for you one other.

Two other places that should be useful to you and again you can always come back if I’m going too fast it are to library databases actually I’m going to start with just one so you click on libraries click on databases go to oh and scroll down there’s a database called opposing viewpoints in context prompts you to put in your borrower ID which is your X ID and your pin password which is your six digit birthdate and you should be able to do this from home any time of the day is to get in here and this database specializes in debatable issues so it kind of like pro/con it has them divided into categories where you can just click around if something interests you or you can just always go to browse issues and it’ll give you like a laundry list of issues you can click on please stop this and so you can click around there if something interests you.

A Strong Subject For Essay

Write an essay on one or two of the given choices now always decide on a subject that you have good command-and-control on or you feel strongly about for example you may have a stronger opinion on let’s say traffic condition of your city rather than the state of the United Nations yeah or the role of the United Nations in promoting world peace you will be more equipped to tackle competently what you are comfortable with style is another thing always be careful about your style it is important that you use the right kind of tone please be very clear about the tone you employ your tone has to be in accordance with the general nature of the essay for instance if your topic is violence in contemporary society don’t approach the si in a light-hearted tone it’s a serious issue role of women in society these are serious issues we don’t banter about these things we don’t crack jokes about these things.

So please remember that there are plenty of opportunities for us to be light-hearted about but not when you approach an academic and a serious essay you have to adopt a very formal tone a serious tone then you are approaching a serious topic and finally be careful about employing a personal point of view the use of you know constantly saying I believe I think or in my opinion in my view it should be avoided if si is of objective and scientific nature you have to be more detached more impersonal coming to the important elements in an essay you always begin with an introduction when you go to introduction remember that you have to explain why the general topic of the essay is relevant and then you put the essay in context of it your thesis sentence should include your introduction of course an introduction should end with a specific thesis statement this could be the major argument of your essay so introduction where you explain why the general topic of your essay is relevant you put the s in context.

And then introduction should end with a specific thesis statement this is the main argument after establishing the context you move on to the next paragraph si si writing is all about mastering paragraphing as well you cannot have one single block running into five pages or two pages or even one page there has to be necessarily break up in paragraphing so next paragraph should be the so called body after introduction there is body of paragraphs you can have depending on the length of your essay so assuming it’s a 300 or 500 then four to five paragraphs in body should be sufficient it could be more but five four to five maximum six could be sufficient or should be self sufficient these paragraphs contain argument evidence supporting statements and topics that aid and help the thesis in a thesis statement in standing now you know what is a topic sentence.

Your Points in Term Paper

You want to make sure that the points that you may have a beginning a middle and an end this is where a lot of writers will fall down what they will do is to only give a partial explanation of the points that they’re making let’s say that we’re talking about a novel the writer will start up i’m beginning to explain what the novel is about but then not tell how ends or leave out big chunks of it in the middle that are important that make that help the reader to understand what the any means so you don’t want to do that you want to be sure that you have a beginning a middle and enemy and every point in the body of your paper what you want to do is assume that your reader doesn’t know anything about your subject you have the knowledge base you’ve done your research you know your subject dr. stays they know about you may not I certainly don’t know because banking and finance not my fields of expertise. Get to know how to make these points at Edusson.

Somebody else rooting for might not have that knowledge base so we want to explain your points as if the person knows nothing about your subject doctor says had good analogy for it calls it the grandma approach what you want to do is to pretend as if your grandmother is reading paper and most grandmas don’t really know that much about finance some do some do but not not everyone does but you want what you want to do is pretend that your grandmother is reading the paper and you’re explaining everything to her very basically that’s what you want to do in these papers it helps in the development section to use what’s called an inverted purely approach what this means is that you put the most important information right at the top and then the rest of the paragraph gives more information in descending order from most important to least important it’s all important to avoid me you should explain the point but what you want to do with you for comparing is to start with that shot that element that really captures your point your information.

So you want to list those important things first then the things that will explain these points from beginning to end in the development section you want to reflect your extensive research and the more in-depth that this section is the better let me give you some things that you can ask yourself about the development section what are the highlights of a material that I’ve read one of the most same points what are the major themes what elements are the most important to the history the current status and the future of my subject this is important because what you’re going to be doing in your conclusion is to give dr. sayson need some of your opinions about your subject about its current status in its future I’ll get to that minute what things made the greatest impression on me as I read my source material.