How to implement this program?

Participants should sit in a circle or semi-circle. If this course is being administered in a home, you should choose a comfortable place as not to be distracted. Everyone in the circle, including the facilitator (or advisor, parent, coach or teacher), should be able to see everyone. This seating arrangement will make communication easier.

Each session consists of these three elements:

Reading: The reading can be done individually or in a group. Participants whom struggle with reading should not be forced to read aloud.

Activity: The activities are structured to be interactive. A portion of this approach is working with other participants in a common goal. If working one-on-one with a student you may use the activity as a launching point of conversation.

Optional Homework: If you have a long session, you may complete the homework during the session. Some of the homework require use of a smart phone or Internet access and thus may be assigned to participants.

After each reading, participants should answer the following questions:(1) What did I learn from the reading portion? (2) What ideas stand out to me? Why? (3) How would I summarize this passage? (4) What action steps are necessary after reading this passage?  There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. These questions are simply designed to foster conversation and interaction.

Each session should begin with a review of the homework from the previous session.