For every accounting position advertised in the newspapers or online, there are hundreds of resumes sent in by applicants. Let’s just say that if 100 people apply for an accounting position, including you, this would of course mean that you have a 1% chance of getting that job. That said, it is important to know…

The special trick you can do with resumes that will increase your responses by 80%.

How to polish up your resume to attract job offers like a magnet.
How to convince potential employers into seeing your full potential instantly.
How to create a resume for accounting jobs if you are changing careers into accounting (this is very critical because career changers’ resumes are thrown out 99% of the time)
How one sentence you put on your resume can instantly get the potential employer’s attention and entice them to read your resume out of hundreds of other resumes.

“… my few nibbles increased to so many job interviews…”

“I was sending out hordes of resumes and hardly getting a nibble. I wasn’t prepared for this tough job market. When I applied your techniques, however, things changed. My few nibbles increased to so many job interviews I could hardly keep up with them!”
-Shannon Fleming
New York, NY

How to generate the potential employer’s attention with your resume even if you don’t have any accounting experience.

When to use a functional resume and when to use a chronological resume.

The different types of resumes to use in different situations (I will provide you with sample accounting resumes for grads, career changers, and various accounting positions).

How to make your resume persuade any employer just like your television hypnotizes you.

This simple trick that will make your resume more professional and attractive even without an education section.

The skills that accounting employers will be looking for on your resume.
How to start your resume with a bang! (Did you know that you must get the attention of the employer within 4 to 9 seconds? Otherwise, your resume will be thrown in the garbage!)

“… I only answered six ads…”

“This is the first time I looked for a job in this country. My English isn’t so good. I was expecting a tough time and only entry-level position at best. Without your information, I am sure that’s all I would have got.

I only answered six ads. I was surprised. I got three interviews. I accepted an offer with a major bank as financial analyst. My husband and I are very, very grateful to you.”
-Ellen Lam
Financial Analyst
Calgary, AB