The Institute of Rural Management located in Anand, Gujrat is popularly known as IRMA. The Institute is famous in its world education provided in rural management. The institute was established in the year of 1979. It was established by the initiative of the National Dairy Board and by the patronizing effort of the Government of India.

The Institute is one of the premier B Schools in India. This institute was set up with the objective of providing management education and training to professionals such that they in turn can provide consultancy, research and support to cooperative development.

The candidates willing to enter into this institute has to take up the test conducted by IRMA. It is a multiple choice objective type question. The students having a graduation degree from any recognized University can apply for IRMA. A number of courses are offered by the institute. Programme in Rural Management, it is a two year full time residential programme. It is aimed at honing the skills of young individuals in the rural sector such that required development is obtained in this sector.

The students graduating in this course can work with various NGOs, National and International cooperatives, Fund providing agencies, developmental organizations and even in the corporate sector.

Fellow programme in Rural Management, this course is a doctoral course. This is also a full time residential course. Candidates with master’s degree are eligible for this course. Each of the students of this course is given with a fellowship and a contingency grant. Specialised knowledge is imparted in this course regarding cooperative development and positioning and strategy development for organizations in these specific sectors. Other than this a certificate programme is conducted in this institute.

The course is known as CRM. It is a one year course for working professionals from the particular field of cooperatives or in other rural sector organizations.

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