Benefits of online education for students

Online education has become more popular amongst people in different countries of the world.

You can notice that the most of students gather to the online learning environment. Online education has lots of advantages for the students who learn online. Here are some advantages of online education for students given below:

  • In an online education system students have no need to go out of their houses; they can get it from their own houses by having a computer and an active internet connection.
  • There are numerous courses available on the internet at online schools, colleges or universities, so students can attend a course at anytime from anywhere.
  • One of the most popular advantages of online education is that it does not require physical attendance.
  • In an online education you are not bound by place, you can study where you want at home, work or on the road. Learners can study wherever they have access to a computer and internet.
  • Online education environment makes instructors more approachable and students can talk with their teachers through e-mail in newsgroup discussions, online chat, and more. This option of communication offers enhanced contact between instructors and students.
  • Online education programs work well for the people who are self motivated and also have good time management skills. If you want more academic support and encouragement then you can find lots of online programs that create chat groups for students. This will give you access to peers for homework help, study groups and friendship also.

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Insider Secrets To Making Seductive Resumes

For every accounting position advertised in the newspapers or online, there are hundreds of resumes sent in by applicants. Let’s just say that if 100 people apply for an accounting position, including you, this would of course mean that you have a 1% chance of getting that job. That said, it is important to know…

The special trick you can do with resumes that will increase your responses by 80%.

How to polish up your resume to attract job offers like a magnet.
How to convince potential employers into seeing your full potential instantly.
How to create a resume for accounting jobs if you are changing careers into accounting (this is very critical because career changers’ resumes are thrown out 99% of the time)
How one sentence you put on your resume can instantly get the potential employer’s attention and entice them to read your resume out of hundreds of other resumes.

“… my few nibbles increased to so many job interviews…”

“I was sending out hordes of resumes and hardly getting a nibble. I wasn’t prepared for this tough job market. When I applied your techniques, however, things changed. My few nibbles increased to so many job interviews I could hardly keep up with them!”
-Shannon Fleming
New York, NY

How to generate the potential employer’s attention with your resume even if you don’t have any accounting experience.

When to use a functional resume and when to use a chronological resume.

The different types of resumes to use in different situations (I will provide you with sample accounting resumes for grads, career changers, and various accounting positions).

How to make your resume persuade any employer just like your television hypnotizes you.

This simple trick that will make your resume more professional and attractive even without an education section.

The skills that accounting employers will be looking for on your resume.
How to start your resume with a bang! (Did you know that you must get the attention of the employer within 4 to 9 seconds? Otherwise, your resume will be thrown in the garbage!)

“… I only answered six ads…”

“This is the first time I looked for a job in this country. My English isn’t so good. I was expecting a tough time and only entry-level position at best. Without your information, I am sure that’s all I would have got.

I only answered six ads. I was surprised. I got three interviews. I accepted an offer with a major bank as financial analyst. My husband and I are very, very grateful to you.”
-Ellen Lam
Financial Analyst
Calgary, AB


Enhance your career with career related degree

Career related education is must to increase possibilities to get good career. You can see that the students are getting a general degree to start their career after completing their college graduation. There are so many job vacancies that accept degrees, which is not related to their career fields or without any specialization but they will loss their advantage when it comes to job promotion or career advancement in the future.

You can see that there is much competition in job market and it’s must for you to perform out of other job candidates in order to get a good job to move your career next high level. It will be your wise decision to improve your job credential with a good career field related to your degree. If you want to have a good and highest level in your dream career then career education is one of the excellent ways in doing so.

Today, you have access of online education and you are able to get a degree or diploma just with a click away while continuing with your career. Online education allows the people to focus on both career and study, so you can divide your time between these two important tasks.

You can notice that it’s common for students to get a job that’s not related to their degree or start their first job with a general degree, but in the process of climbing up in your career ladder you have to compete with other or with your colleagues and out perform them. If you want to get your dream job position then you must to do like that.

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So Is An Accounting Profession Worth Pursuing?

Actually, YES!  For those of you who are new to accounting, there are so many benefits to being an accountant:

Benefit #1

The Money … An accounting career offers unlimited advancement and earning potential. Many accountants eventually become company Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, Directors, Partners, etc. and rank as one of the highest income earners in North America.

Benefit #2

The Perks … Most accounting positions offer flexible hours. As for toys, there are the laptop computers and palm pilots. And if you like to travel, there are accounting positions that require you to fly all over the country and world to meet with clients.

Benefit #3

Health and Security … Accountant jobs has been rated by the Jobs Rated Almanac as the fifth best overall occupation, based on stress, job security, income, and work environment. And, every type of business needs accountants, including hospitals, educational institutions, and governments, making this one of the most secure careers.

Benefit #4

The Skills … An accounting career will give you plenty of business skills and knowledge. So if you plan on starting a business one day, your accounting experience will play a large role in helping you succeed in business.

Benefit #5

The Flexibility … An accounting career offers more flexibility than most careers. Whether you want to manage corporate finances, track down criminals (many FBI agents are accountants), implement and maintain accounting software systems, or do personal financial planning, there seems to be an option for just about every type of person, introverted and extroverted.

Benefit #6

The Status … Many people today look up to accountants. Accountants have the same prestige as doctors and lawyers because accountants are playing a larger role today in making strategic business decisions.

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Institute of Rural Management

The Institute of Rural Management located in Anand, Gujrat is popularly known as IRMA. The Institute is famous in its world education provided in rural management. The institute was established in the year of 1979. It was established by the initiative of the National Dairy Board and by the patronizing effort of the Government of India.

The Institute is one of the premier B Schools in India. This institute was set up with the objective of providing management education and training to professionals such that they in turn can provide consultancy, research and support to cooperative development.

The candidates willing to enter into this institute has to take up the test conducted by IRMA. It is a multiple choice objective type question. The students having a graduation degree from any recognized University can apply for IRMA. A number of courses are offered by the institute. Programme in Rural Management, it is a two year full time residential programme. It is aimed at honing the skills of young individuals in the rural sector such that required development is obtained in this sector.

The students graduating in this course can work with various NGOs, National and International cooperatives, Fund providing agencies, developmental organizations and even in the corporate sector.

Fellow programme in Rural Management, this course is a doctoral course. This is also a full time residential course. Candidates with master’s degree are eligible for this course. Each of the students of this course is given with a fellowship and a contingency grant. Specialised knowledge is imparted in this course regarding cooperative development and positioning and strategy development for organizations in these specific sectors. Other than this a certificate programme is conducted in this institute.

The course is known as CRM. It is a one year course for working professionals from the particular field of cooperatives or in other rural sector organizations.

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How To Get Accounting Jobs Quick and Easy

Ever since I graduated from college, I have always been buying jobsearch books or borrowing them from library.  I have always been investing in that area of my life because if I were to just get one piece of advice that would lead me to beat out the competition in getting a lucrative job, that time and money would have been worth it.    

But I do feel that most job search books weren’t written with accountants in mind.  And that is why early on, I struggled.

“From a little spark may burst a mighty flame.” ~ Dante

Then, as luck would have it, I got some advice from my uncle’s friend, an extremely successful accountant.  He was at my uncle’s house for my uncle’s birthday and, in passing, noticed me.  I suppose he had been told of my difficulty in finding an accounting job because when he saw me, he had the sympathy in his eyes usually reserved for the bereaved at a funeral.

He said, “Henry, I had the same problems as you when I first started looking for an accounting job“.  Great, I thought, this was making me feel a lot better.  I should let him know that I was busy… watching the paint peel off the wall.

He kept going:  “But then I got some advice that changed my life, and I’d like to pass it on to you“.  He then explained how he got his first accounting job.  It was a a high paying intermediate level position that he had no experience for.  He also explained how he now always quits his current job before looking for a new one!  He was so confident in finding a job quickly that he didn’t have to look for a new job while still being employed.

And, he added, he never took a new accounting position without a substantial salary increase.  After a few minutes, I was hooked.  And for the next 30 minutes, I listened in amazement as he told me his story.

The advice he gave me helped me get my first accounting job within a few days.  I was blown away that his job search techniques actually worked.  Over the years now, I have fine-tuned what I discovered and turned it into a step-by-step system that I follow each time I apply for a job.

My mother suggested that I might as well teach my “techniques” to others who need help in finding accounting jobs.  I thought that was a good idea.

And that’s why I’ve created this Web page.  You’re about to discover shocking secrets to finding accounting jobs that all the job hunting experts never told you.  No matter how much or little accounting experience you have, this information applies to you.

You’re going to save time, money, and frustration.  You’ll learn to avoid the mistakes and depressing situations that you’ve probably experienced already.  Just for starters, here are ways to get your resume noticed by potential employers…