We know you’re excited to demonstrate your interest to the colleges on your list. But before you dash off an e-mail to the admissions office at your dream school, think about how you are presenting yourself to your potential alma mater (the school, college, or university that one once attended).

Admissions officers usually provide their contact information via the admissions website because they want to be accessible and available to answer questions from applicants—either about the college application process or about the school. If you have specific questions about academic programs or campus life (or just want to touch base with the admissions officer), sending an e-mail to college admissions will get you the essential information you need AND show your enthusiasm for the school.

Check out our top tips for communicating with college admissions offices efficiently and effectively:

1. Keep it short! Focus on your questions, not on yourself. This is not the time to tell them how great you are.
2. Minimize the number of questions you ask. You can always ask more questions when you visit campus. Before contacting colleges, make sure the answers to your questions aren’t easily accessible on the school’s website.
3. Introduce yourself. Give your name, school, grade/ graduating year, name and city of your high school and your address either in the body of the e-mail or as an e-mail signature. This information helps the admissions office place you and where you are in the application process (and you’ll definitely want them to remember you if you make a good impression).
4. Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Then check again. And then one more time. It’s important that any communication you have with the admissions office is typo free!
5. Be professional. If your e-mail address is anything other than a form of your name or initials, consider creating a new one for college correspondence. If you’re writing from an existing account, check your email signature. Make sure it doesn’t include
anything offensive, silly, or bizarre.

Directions: This is your chance to write your rough draft to your college. This will help you plan what you will email to your college. Be sure to follow the 5 tips AND use the example to help. Once you finish have someone proof read and edit your


Dear UNC,
My name is Charles Barkley, and I’m an 8th grader at Sky View Middle School in Pueblo, Colorado. I’m writing to inform you of my interest in your university. I my class we are have been discussing our future where I have learned a lot about UNC, and other universities.

University of Northern Colorado is ranked as one of the top teaching colleges, and I greatly respect the work and energy your school has put in to achieve such success. I dream of becoming a part of that success in the near future when I graduate high school, and when I become a teacher. Not only am I interested in UNC, but I have enjoyed following your athletic programs. I am a cheerleader and I look forward to cheering at all the football and basketball games, while majoring in history and education.

I am passionate about my future and would love to share that passion with my friends and classmates. Would you please consider sending me any UNC gear that I can wear or display? Thank you!

Charles Barkley
Teacher’s name
School’s Address