Actually, YES!  For those of you who are new to accounting, there are so many benefits to being an accountant:

Benefit #1

The Money … An accounting career offers unlimited advancement and earning potential. Many accountants eventually become company Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, Directors, Partners, etc. and rank as one of the highest income earners in North America.

Benefit #2

The Perks … Most accounting positions offer flexible hours. As for toys, there are the laptop computers and palm pilots. And if you like to travel, there are accounting positions that require you to fly all over the country and world to meet with clients.

Benefit #3

Health and Security … Accountant jobs has been rated by the Jobs Rated Almanac as the fifth best overall occupation, based on stress, job security, income, and work environment. And, every type of business needs accountants, including hospitals, educational institutions, and governments, making this one of the most secure careers.

Benefit #4

The Skills … An accounting career will give you plenty of business skills and knowledge. So if you plan on starting a business one day, your accounting experience will play a large role in helping you succeed in business.

Benefit #5

The Flexibility … An accounting career offers more flexibility than most careers. Whether you want to manage corporate finances, track down criminals (many FBI agents are accountants), implement and maintain accounting software systems, or do personal financial planning, there seems to be an option for just about every type of person, introverted and extroverted.

Benefit #6

The Status … Many people today look up to accountants. Accountants have the same prestige as doctors and lawyers because accountants are playing a larger role today in making strategic business decisions.

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