You want to make sure that the points that you may have a beginning a middle and an end this is where a lot of writers will fall down what they will do is to only give a partial explanation of the points that they’re making let’s say that we’re talking about a novel the writer will start up i’m beginning to explain what the novel is about but then not tell how ends or leave out big chunks of it in the middle that are important that make that help the reader to understand what the any means so you don’t want to do that you want to be sure that you have a beginning a middle and enemy and every point in the body of your paper what you want to do is assume that your reader doesn’t know anything about your subject you have the knowledge base you’ve done your research you know your subject dr. stays they know about you may not I certainly don’t know because banking and finance not my fields of expertise. Get to know how to make these points at Edusson.

Somebody else rooting for might not have that knowledge base so we want to explain your points as if the person knows nothing about your subject doctor says had good analogy for it calls it the grandma approach what you want to do is to pretend as if your grandmother is reading paper and most grandmas don’t really know that much about finance some do some do but not not everyone does but you want what you want to do is pretend that your grandmother is reading the paper and you’re explaining everything to her very basically that’s what you want to do in these papers it helps in the development section to use what’s called an inverted purely approach what this means is that you put the most important information right at the top and then the rest of the paragraph gives more information in descending order from most important to least important it’s all important to avoid me you should explain the point but what you want to do with you for comparing is to start with that shot that element that really captures your point your information.

So you want to list those important things first then the things that will explain these points from beginning to end in the development section you want to reflect your extensive research and the more in-depth that this section is the better let me give you some things that you can ask yourself about the development section what are the highlights of a material that I’ve read one of the most same points what are the major themes what elements are the most important to the history the current status and the future of my subject this is important because what you’re going to be doing in your conclusion is to give dr. sayson need some of your opinions about your subject about its current status in its future I’ll get to that minute what things made the greatest impression on me as I read my source material.